Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mother's intuition.

Call it intuition, but this is what I got when we were on our trip to Mazatlan, BEFORE I knew we passed court! It's our girls nicknames, since we are pretty big into using nicknames.

Here are a few that float around our house: Ad, Kris, Jay, Nev, Ron, Mel, Pen, Allis, Nic, Jair, Ry, Jewls, Sar, Pegs, Hinzy, Kel (although I think that he doesn't like me using it!),Jen, and many more.

P.S. Sorry Mom, and in laws, yes, it's true, I got another tattoo! But to tattle on my hubby, so did he, it's of J's full name. (And yes, he will be getting another one once Nev is home, and we go back to our tattoo artist in Mexico. It was too intense for him to get it this trip! He got it on his inner arm, from armpit to elbow. Pretty painful! Mine only took about 20min, and it hurt less than getting my eyebrows waxed! Really!) Oh and don't worry, I know it sounds CRAZY to get a tat in Mexico, but I have a few, and it is way cleaner than the ones up here! The artist is insane good too. You just give an idea of what you are thinking about, and...BOOM....he creates EXACTLY what you are thinking of in your head. Poncho ROCKS!! Ad and I got one from Poncho last year when we were there. Just think how covered we will be of tat's if we get one each time we go to Mazatlan! (we want to retire down there!!!!!!)

**updated** No I won't be getting all those nicknames tattooed on myself! Sorry guys, just for kids, and hubby!!!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NEVAEH CHALTU LAWSON is officially a Lawson!!!!

Nevaeh Chaltu Lawson is legally our daughter!!!!!


Usually I am kinda blue for a couple days after coming home from a tropical trip, cause really, I think I was born in the wrong continent. We came home last night and had a message from one of the girls from our agency to give them a call. And found out that WE PASSED!!!! No tropical blues for me baby!

*****big sigh****(of relief that is!!!!)

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