Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thought I'd give you guys some eye candy to look at since I am  so pathetic at posting.  

 LOVES loves LOVES her big sis Jay Jay.  

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A bit of a catch up post.....

Well well well.  A few stragglers are still around!  I have missed connecting with you guys.  Man-whats new you ask?  Let me do a quick run down.

Nev just had her 3rd birthday!  She is so caught up in every aspect its crazy.  She is a busy, busy toddler who is overall happy and pretty easy going.  She has turned a corner in her wanting to please us in everything she does. Which in bonding and progression in HER life is good.  Ever since we brought her home she had an unusal need to please us.  Wanting our approval and wanted us to say good girl for everything.  Even if she had hurt herself, or was sick, she would say I'm sorry, Im a good girl.  If I said "no-dont touch that", she STILL will not touch that item, even if I said it a year ago.  If I said, "ok, Nevaeh time to close your eyes", she'd do it and go to sleep. Things like that.  Well now she is starting to be a bit defiant.  And that is a good thing!  Starting to feel like she doesn't have to please us so much. And its like she feel like she can push the boundaries a little bit now.  So for her=good.  And for us=good, but man as much as I knew it wasn't healthy, it was incredibly easy ;)  I believe we are parasite free, AND potty trained!!!  Can I get a HOLLA!!!  Well not night time trained all the time....but day time trained!  Whoop whoop.

Jayden is 8.5 years old and hockey is her favorite thing to do!  She is in grade 3 and loves to read, and is a good big sis.  She and Nev have their quarrels, but I think that is normal.  And when I say she loves hockey, she LOVES her hockey.  She will PVR NHL games and rewatch them.  Saturday am she watches them.  Not cartoons.  PVR'd hockey games.  She also is learning the recorder in school.  She is doing really well.  She can also play hot cross buns, and Mary had a little Lamb thru her nose!!!!  We were watching how to play Mary had a little lamb on Youtube, and she saw it, and has now mastered it!!  Crazy gal!

As for Adam and I we are doing great.  Farming, and actually just came in from pulling a baby calf at 1030pm on a Saturday night!  Fun times.  We went to Mazatlan with the girls in January and it was great.  I went to Las Vegas with 2 gal pals in March and we had a hoot.  It was a good recharge.  I do believe it has become an annual thing we will keep up.

And myself.  Im doing pretty good.  The year was intense in some ways, and glad its over.  Bonding is the pits sometimes.  Sometimes its great.  Sometimes it wasn't so great.  I think thats why I fell off the band wagon blogging.  I was just getting thru some days.  But im feeling back to myself and the bonding is going better too.  

Whats up with you guys.  Referrals, gotcha days, other exciting things?

I can't say I will be a faithful blogger, but will try to check in a bit.

Oh and maybe next time some pics!!!  Just don't have any on this computer right now.

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Breaker Breaker.....anyone got a copy....over

Anybody still out there??? Not gonna continue if my peeps have given up hope on me. Let me know. I'm wayyyyyybehind in everyones journeys. So bad. I know. I'm sorry.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New everything....

Well, what to write.....

I must say I have fallen off the blog wagon.  I hate that i have, cause I love the connection that I get with other bloggers, but where oh where is the time to blog!  It is seeding time here, so that makes it busy, and oh, and a wee toddler that is now RUNNING around like crazy makes life a bit busy!  Its funny, when she runs, she goes so fast that she looks like a runner, in the last strides of the race, you know, when their chest is forward and their upper body is way in front as to get their chest to break the ribbon first??!!  Kind of like the picture to the left!  She is a goer!

back in Ethiopia......2010
And to think just about a year ago, she could HARDLY hold her head up.  I must be honest.  When i would receive our update photo's from our agency, I was a bit worried when I would see them.  She had gained weight, but never any progress on milestones.  I even was asking others who had met her in person, while over in when you met her and held her did she do this, did she do that....

For being 14months, she was developmentally behind.  Big time.  And I know, I know, the books prepared they most likely will be.  Others had blogged about it. I know.  But once it is your baby who is developmentally behind, you worry.  WILL they catch up?  Will she always be behind?  Is it more than just developmentally?  Should I push certain exercises so she gets stronger, or just let her come on her own.  Do I make her sit, even though she hates it, will it interfere with the bonding if I push her too much, and she associates it with not liking me....blah blah blah.........  Its tough, but we have made it through it.

You would never ever know she was behind.  She's chattering.  She's running.  She's into the infamous "NO!!"  She's climbing.  She's right on track.  She's a toddler through and though.....She's caught up.  What a crazy year she has had. 

New parents, new country, new sister, new food.  New bed, new muscles being worked.  New smells, new color of skin to look at, new house, new language.  NEW EVERYTHING.  And what a trouper she has been.  Crazy how fast this year has flown by. 

A year ago right now I was still in my crazy, wreck of a self, waiting for her visa.  Crazy.   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confession Friday(Saturday Edition)

I confess that I am watching Hannah Montana's Final myself.

I confess I have been considering purchasing a bump it.  I even saw the Wal Mart edition of the bump it.  I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, seeing if it would work.  But I didn't.  Yet.

I confess that there are black curly hairs everywhere in our house.  When guests come over, I feel compelled to tell them that Nevaeh's hair sheds everywhere!  I try to keep on top of it.  But it's everywhere. 

I confess I am crying right now over an episode of Hannah Montana.  Her horse is dying.....

I confess that I am crying even more as it goes on. 

I confess that I tried and bought some cheap hair stuff for Nev's hair.  I thought, really, as if it makes a difference.  So I bought some oil, and some other stuff.  I was wrong.  The cheap stuff sucks.  The oil doesn't soak in.  It stinks.  The cream for her hair makes her look like Jerry-Lee Lewis.  I will not be using it again.  What do you all use??

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