Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confession Friday(Saturday Edition)

I confess that I am watching Hannah Montana's Final myself.

I confess I have been considering purchasing a bump it.  I even saw the Wal Mart edition of the bump it.  I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, seeing if it would work.  But I didn't.  Yet.

I confess that there are black curly hairs everywhere in our house.  When guests come over, I feel compelled to tell them that Nevaeh's hair sheds everywhere!  I try to keep on top of it.  But it's everywhere. 

I confess I am crying right now over an episode of Hannah Montana.  Her horse is dying.....

I confess that I am crying even more as it goes on. 

I confess that I tried and bought some cheap hair stuff for Nev's hair.  I thought, really, as if it makes a difference.  So I bought some oil, and some other stuff.  I was wrong.  The cheap stuff sucks.  The oil doesn't soak in.  It stinks.  The cream for her hair makes her look like Jerry-Lee Lewis.  I will not be using it again.  What do you all use??

Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that San Fran was just what the Dr ordered for me and my peep Sarah.  We had a relaxing and fun time.  I love that city!

I confess it was very sobering to step out of the mall and then see all the homeless people there.  I have never seen so many homeless people other than our travels to Ethiopia.  Makes you double think about buying frivolous things when others don't even have a home.

I confess I am sooooo glad J's hockey is done.  I love it, but man, it makes a busy winter.

I confess that I turned 3* this week.  What's your guess on the *part of that number!

I confess that I while in San Fran one night I was in bed by 9:30 and slept until 9.  Real party girls we were!!

I confess that waking up and seeing the sights on TV about Japan made my heart sad.  I can handle a bit of cold and be thankful that the threat of a earthquake is pretty nil where we are.

I confess that my passport expired on March 8th.  And my return flight got into Regina at 11:59.  Yes.  11:59.  But at least if there was going to be a hubbub, I was on Canadian soil!  I know.  Why cut it so close you ask.  Well that's how I roll.  If we didn't do this little trip now, it wouldn't happen until next year, as we are heading into calving, and I really needed a little rejuvenation time.  But let me tell you, 3 out of 4 ticket people sure gave me the speech about not travelling with it so close, and in their heads I know they were thinking...."you idiot."  But hey, I'm here. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Manic Monday...(a day late)

Since I was in the air most of yesterday for Manic Monday, I have to post a day late.  Better late than never.

Manic Monday is a way to share the lows of the journey of adoption.

Every one has them, just a few of us chose to make it common knowledge.  But there is power in talking about the rough times.

Comments.  They totally can bring me down.  I know I should just let them roll off my chest, but each time a stupid comment is made I want to scream.  I can handle the whole..."oh can I touch her hair" thing.  Although it does get a bit old, but that I can shrug off.  It's the more intense, deep down wounding comments.  Like "where is her real mother".  "At least you have one of your own children (meaning a bio child)."  "How much did she cost".  Things like that.

Really?.  Where is her real mother?  What am I?  Just someone willing to have puke on me when she is sick, change parasitic diapers, etc....?  Do I not qualify to be her "real mother" because she did not come from my womb?

Seriously?  At least you have one of your own?  So you think because she is not my bio child that we view her in a different "class" of our family?  What is the difference.  Why would it make any difference that I had one via my body and one via Ethiopia.?

For real?  How much did she cost.  How ridiculous of a question. If they knew how much heart ache and paper work, and pain etc we went thru.  It's not like you think...hmmmmm, we should adopt.  Cut a cheque, and boom.  She is here.  NOT IN THE LEAST.  Can I get AMEN???!!!.  It is the most painful, long, time consuming process you can imagine. For someone to imply that we "bought her"  is very uneducated on their part.

But I have started to try to not let those comments resonate with me.  To let it go.  If I have the opportunity to educate them in the proper wording of some things, I do.  I also can read if a person is sincere in what they are asking.

It is a hard aspect of bringing a child home who has different color skin.  Be prepared for silly questions.  Research before you bring you child/children home, so you have answers for these dumb comments.  If you are prepared, you wont be so rattled when you get them.

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