Monday, June 21, 2010

Back on Canadian soil

We are home. Life is getting back to normal, and can say I feel like jet lag is now gone. Nev is doing well, adjusting good, and Jay is loving being a big sister.

I am having a hard time thinking of blogging about our journey to Ethiopia. I was so touched and affected by the people of Ethiopia, the city, the new friends, that I feel like I really want to do justice to this country, the people, and do a few good posts about it all.......but that means having to concentrate, and have time...and life with a toddler doesn't have a lot of that!!!!

For now all I can say is I love Ethiopia. The people there are so amazing, and they touched me like I never expected to be touched. Our daughter is so lucky to have come from a place with such amazing people and beauty.

So for now I will just post a updated picture of Nev. She is beautiful.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010 I mean LEFT the country!!!!

IT'S TRUE....we are en route to Ethiopia!!!

We got our call that Nev's visa was issued on Wednesday...and had to pack and we left Friday June 4th from Saskatoon....Calgary....Frankfurt....Addis....!!!!

BUT had a little glitch in our travels. We are still in Frankfurt. Long, long story short, we missed the plane due to the little fact that I was unable to get on it, due to being really ill. It was a combo of migraine, dehydration, exhaustion, feeling like fainting when I stood up, and feeling like vomiting......

So a short ambulance ride and some meds got me fixed up....but not in time to catch the flight. So we now leave Frankfurt Monday am...arrive to Addis at supper. We have adjusted pretty well now to the time change, and are fully rested for our adventure in Ethiopia.

I can't believe it......this journey is ending....and our new journey of life WITH Nev is beginning. Thanks y'all for your support. I will be posting pics and travel stuff. But probably until we get home...this is it.....

For those of you who want to come to the meet and greet at the Stoon airport, we arrive at 7:55pm on June 13th(my mom's birthday!!) on the West Jet flight from Calgary. Feel free to come out and see Nev and us after this we will probably be hibernating for awhile until Nev attaches to us and things are more normal. But as for coming to the airport, we will be so jacked up to see anyone, so feel totally welcome to come...but not pressured to come.

But I can finally post this.... We are bringing our daughter Nevaeh Chaltu home.......This is the first picture we saw of our you guys can finally see it too....the journey is almost over to getting our daughter.......

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