Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoes anyone??

I've got shoes............
and more shoes.............................................................
and MORE shoes.....................................
and even MORE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But still want MORE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In reality, we have to be travelling soon, you would think! And so far I have all the shoes packed that you wonderful friends have donated. Thanks so much. I think the tally is around 400+ shoes to get donated when we go to Ethiopia. 400!!!! That's crazy. We will encounter a bit in extra baggage charges, but that doesn't matter ONE BIT!!!! I am so jacked up about the fact that 400+ people will get a new pair of shoes.

But my peeps, I still can pack more!!!! Some of you have asked in the last while if we are still collecting shoes. Well the answer is YES! We will take as many as we can. We have one offer of a couple that will take an extra bag when they go, and already sent one off to Nev's crib mate's mom, who is going to take that hockey bag with them. So if you are at a Dollar store and see a good deal, or anywhere else, and feel that you want to still donate, I will take em!!! They will all get to someone who needs shoes over in Ethiopia......

But don't wait too long....maybe we are travelling soon?????

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Monday, April 19, 2010

A pick me up!!!!!

If you need a Monday morning pick me up....check out this You Tube video....Ohhhh, im still laughing!!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Very sad at our house.....

"Cocoa was a child to me. Cocoa passed away.I love Cocoa. Bet I can't see Cocoa ever again. I miss cocoa. I love Cocoa. I do not like the vet...."

(This is the letter Jay wrote to give to her teacher, because she says she can't tell her teacher about Cocoa without crying......)
I am sad. Our dog Cocoa went in for routine spay surgery. Long story short, she died of complications. I was more attached to her than I thought as I have a headache from crying. She was a good dog, and we will really miss her. Jayden is so sad, but taking it pretty good I guess. We are practicing forgiveness towards the vet. It is also hard for me as she says..."why mom....why did we have to take her to have the surgery to not have babies. I would have looked after the babies mom..." It was my choice to have her spayed. And now I am crying my eyes out.
We will miss you Cocoa Bear........

Holla for my friends....

Congrats Rana and Yvan who FINALLY got a court date of April 30th!! Head over there and give them a WHOOT WHOOT. They received their referral the day before us, and have been hangin in like troopers. So give em a blogger's high five and send your positive thoughts and prayers their way as we hope they only need one court date to make Ade officially their son.!!!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have you ever......

Have you ever had a cow STUCK in the dugout?

(We had to get the tractor and put a chain around her neck....drag her out, thought we'd choked her, but then she got up and was ok. The mud was so thick, she couldn't move......

Have you ever had to rescue a cow from what seems to be like an unknown BASEMENT in the BARN......(yeah, this is a real first. We had the mama and her calf in the barn as it was rainy and the calf was not doing well. We had to dry the calf off in the house, but after that we put them in the barn to bond and just keep out of the rain. WELL....this morning Ad went to check on them, and THE COW HAD FALLEN THRU THE FLOOR OF THE BARN, about 6-8 feet under....First off....Why in the world is there a hollow under the barn floor.
and secondly.....seriously? So Adam had to cut a hole in the barn, get the tractor, attach straps around her belly, and Neil, drove the tractor and hoisted her out!!! No broken bones. She is fine. Crazy.

Okay and this last one isn't that off beat!! It's so cute. Have you ever helped a baby calf get it's groove in sucking! Or also dried off a brand new baby calf, who is so cold cause it's raining and windy. So the last photo's aren't that crazy,but just cute!

Okay, I really need to now get a cowgirl hat to go along with my boots!!

P.S. Just so you know...Jackson is doing just great! (baby calf from last post.)

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