Friday, July 30, 2010

Bare feet no more

I wanted to post some photo's of all the donations that we handed out in Ethiopia. We had over 500 pairs of croc style shoes and I can't even explain how much this meant to these children and adults. I knew there was a need for them...but didn't know exactly HOW much it would touch me to hand these out on behalf of all you who donated. THANK YOU so much for donating. We also took mini sticks and balls to hand out and the Blades donated a lot of washable tattoo's. They loved them..

So enjoy the photo's. Also if you feel touched at how much the shoes benefited these children, when you see them on sale this fall, pick them up! I am starting collecting again, and hope to return sooner than later!

Handing shoes out in the orphanage where Nev was found at.

A little girl who attached to Dad. Or maybe the other way around!!

Playing with the mini sticks. Adam showed them how to hold the sticks and shoot and score!!

A group photo of everyone with shoes, sticks and tattoo's!!

Look at this boys feet. We found him on the roadside working in the fields. No shoes.

Group of school kids on the side of the road, walking home from school...No shoes...

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

to tie you over...

I thought I left my camera charger in Ethiopia...that's why I haven't posted pics of Nev at home. But I guess in my tiredness of coming home, I put it in it's right place in the cupboard! More to come when I charge my LAPTOP up now!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Start of our trip to Ethiopia

Yes, I know..Its been a real boring blog. No posts. But it's summer, and its a bit busier with two kids now! So I thought I'd start with our journey in Frankfurt....

Here is some pics of the beautiful buildings in Frankfurt. We went on a city tour since...ahem..I made us miss our flight due to being in the ambulance and airport hospital...(I wont retell the story, but here it is in the original post.)We thought we'd make the best of it and catch a bit of the city.

Another cool thing is I got to have a great chat with my buddyJodi, who live in Germany. We couldn't meet, due to it being so last minute, but we were able to have a good chat.

Love's the entrance to the train station

I'm interested in all types of tree's in other countries.

This little girl was watching us while we walked around.

And here we are.... finally getting ready to check in en route to Ethiopia. Going to meet our baby girl.

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