Monday, April 27, 2009

Part of our family goes to Ethiopia today......

Today, my father in law heads for Ethiopia! He is going there for around 4 weeks, and will be teaching at a school in Southern Ethiopia. Oh how I wish we were going to Ethiopia as well, but to pick up our daughter! When Dad told us he was going to teach over there, originally we said how cool it would be to overlap if that was when we were over picking up our daughter....Then we thought how cool it would be to send over something for our daughter, a quilt that I have made for her to snuggle into, and keep her warm, and perhaps some little sleepers etc.....NOW, we think it is so cool that our daughters grandpa is going to be living in Ethiopia for a month, and he can soak in all different parts of their culture, and some day...hopefully sooner than later....can tell our daughter about being over there. He has been there a few times in the past, but not for this extended of a period. Grandpa can tell her bedtime stories about the people he will meet...the different animals he will see....the children he will meet....the bright colors and beauty that he will see. It will be a cool connection that Grandpa will be able to share with our daughter. How cool is that.

I decided to keep this post positive, rather than dwell in the fact that indeed my father in law is going to Ethiopia.............

And we are not..........

Not yet, that is.


Friday, April 17, 2009


This is a video that talks about raising awareness for children that have no shoes. Please watch it an really think about the facts that they are presenting.

This video spurred me to get back on the horse and start collecting shoes again. If I was blog savvy, i would get you to click on a word and it would take you right to that post, but I don't know how to do that. (Feel free to enlighten me anyone!) You can click on my donations post titles, and that will get you the same place. I just found this video yesterday off a fellow bloggers' site , and the go barefoot day was in fact yesterday. But it can still raise awareness and make people think outside their box.

Last year I began collecting croc shoes for when we go over to Ethiopia to get our daughter. When I say croc shoes, I mean any type of plastic shoes. A person can pick them up now at the dollar stores. They will be good for any type of weather over there, and they are actually quite comfy. They are also very easy to clean. Plus they will be great to pack, they are so light, and you can stuff the little ones inside the larger ones! The response I got was awesome. I believe I got around 75 pairs. I was so excited, thanks to all who donated last year.

Well it looks like I have another spring/summer season to start collecting them again! Something positive to keep my mind off of things. And now this is the COOL part. I contacted Croc's and they have a donation program. (I actually heard about it thru Celebrity Apprentice. See it pays to watch reality TV!!!) Anyhow, they have a donation program and they are willing to MATCH however many shoes I collect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For real. Isn't that awesome. Makes me want to go get a pair of those rainbow colored shoes and wear them all over town.

So again, I am asking if you feel you would like to contribute to my shoe project, you can contact me and I will give you some more info. I do have a lady who runs a dollar store and she said she can get me those shoes at cost, so that makes it easier for those of you who don't live here. Thank you so much if you have donated in the past, just keep me in mind if you are in the dollar store, or anywhere else that these shoes are sold, and remember that your one pair=two pair, or 4 pair=8pair. Or if you feel you would like to donate thru Tom's shoes, that is awesome as well. A shoe is a shoe, whether it is crocs, Tom's, prada....etc. If it is donated for someone who has no shoes, I am all for it.

I feel that this will give me something positive to focus on again. I am glad for that. Yes, I am sad and anxious about our referral situation, but I am going to focus on some good things that can benefit others, those that are less fortunate.

Thanks guys. Just go to my profile if you are interested in contacting me regarding what to do. I also am willing to do a sister program, if you want to do the leg work in your community and collect shoes yourselves, then we can meet up and I can take your shoes and add them to my total. The more the merrier! Its amazing how people will rally with you on something that you feel passionate about. This is something i definitely feel passionate about.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


At the beginning of this adoption process, I was definitely on the top of a mountain. After about Christmas of this year, I started to repel backwards back down the mountain. I truly thought that we would have a referral by then. My repelling rope is slowly still slipping downwards. I feel almost non emotional about the whole process right now. When people ask me if we have heard anything yet....I spit out the same speech. " Well, we are still waiting for a referral, and should be by Christmas...then oh should be by be by summer." (If I have to start should be by fall or winter....well we just won't go there. But really....if I had heard something don't cha think I'd let you know? Don't you think you would know by the perminate grin on my face. Sorry to those of you who maybe have asked me that question lately. I know you're just trying support us and show you want to know what's up....but trust me....I will let you all know when we have finally have gotten our referral.

Anyways.....repelling downward. I'm not stuck right in the depth of my valley.... I truly believe that having our daughter makes me in the middle, instead of right down in the valley. She keeps me busy, and is really getting grown up FAST! She's learning how to read, and is always wanting to play school so she can practice her printing and reading. Oh and of course we have to have gym time and art! So truly she keeps me going so I don't fall too far down the mountain. Plus I have my family and great friends who are a great support to us as well.

I also have people's who's blogs I follow who are going through valleys, but some who are also on top of the mountains too. It is great when you read that someone has just gotten their referral, or just going over to pick up their child. It keeps me motivated that it will be "that day" for us soon too.

Anyhow, we are off to go for our Easter egg hunt. I am very, very surprised that the High School Musical chocolate Easter egg that I bought for J has actually stayed in its package.....something about chocolate that seems to make a person feel better! until you step on the scale....


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