Saturday, April 11, 2009


At the beginning of this adoption process, I was definitely on the top of a mountain. After about Christmas of this year, I started to repel backwards back down the mountain. I truly thought that we would have a referral by then. My repelling rope is slowly still slipping downwards. I feel almost non emotional about the whole process right now. When people ask me if we have heard anything yet....I spit out the same speech. " Well, we are still waiting for a referral, and should be by Christmas...then oh should be by be by summer." (If I have to start should be by fall or winter....well we just won't go there. But really....if I had heard something don't cha think I'd let you know? Don't you think you would know by the perminate grin on my face. Sorry to those of you who maybe have asked me that question lately. I know you're just trying support us and show you want to know what's up....but trust me....I will let you all know when we have finally have gotten our referral.

Anyways.....repelling downward. I'm not stuck right in the depth of my valley.... I truly believe that having our daughter makes me in the middle, instead of right down in the valley. She keeps me busy, and is really getting grown up FAST! She's learning how to read, and is always wanting to play school so she can practice her printing and reading. Oh and of course we have to have gym time and art! So truly she keeps me going so I don't fall too far down the mountain. Plus I have my family and great friends who are a great support to us as well.

I also have people's who's blogs I follow who are going through valleys, but some who are also on top of the mountains too. It is great when you read that someone has just gotten their referral, or just going over to pick up their child. It keeps me motivated that it will be "that day" for us soon too.

Anyhow, we are off to go for our Easter egg hunt. I am very, very surprised that the High School Musical chocolate Easter egg that I bought for J has actually stayed in its package.....something about chocolate that seems to make a person feel better! until you step on the scale....



Jody V. said...

I am waiting for you "top of the mountain" referral high.

I think that only fellow adoptive families, truly understand what we go through.

Happy Easter!!

Rana and Yvan said...

I so hear what you are saying!!

Janice said...

I also get exactly what you are saying. I just stopped blogging for a while...I lost the desire and just felt the need to stop focusing on it so much but now I'm back riding high on the good news of others.


Sharla said...

I can so relate. I am finding that question so hard right now as we have been giving the same answer ("our kids should be home in a year") for well over a year now!

Julie said...

Hi KIT, Nice to 'meet' you. I am sorry you are in a valley. Hope you are back on top soon.

Take care of yourself.

Littleone said...

I can So relate to your valley....I have been ubable to blog for a while now. I hope soon you will hear good news.


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