Thursday, May 12, 2011

New everything....

Well, what to write.....

I must say I have fallen off the blog wagon.  I hate that i have, cause I love the connection that I get with other bloggers, but where oh where is the time to blog!  It is seeding time here, so that makes it busy, and oh, and a wee toddler that is now RUNNING around like crazy makes life a bit busy!  Its funny, when she runs, she goes so fast that she looks like a runner, in the last strides of the race, you know, when their chest is forward and their upper body is way in front as to get their chest to break the ribbon first??!!  Kind of like the picture to the left!  She is a goer!

back in Ethiopia......2010
And to think just about a year ago, she could HARDLY hold her head up.  I must be honest.  When i would receive our update photo's from our agency, I was a bit worried when I would see them.  She had gained weight, but never any progress on milestones.  I even was asking others who had met her in person, while over in when you met her and held her did she do this, did she do that....

For being 14months, she was developmentally behind.  Big time.  And I know, I know, the books prepared they most likely will be.  Others had blogged about it. I know.  But once it is your baby who is developmentally behind, you worry.  WILL they catch up?  Will she always be behind?  Is it more than just developmentally?  Should I push certain exercises so she gets stronger, or just let her come on her own.  Do I make her sit, even though she hates it, will it interfere with the bonding if I push her too much, and she associates it with not liking me....blah blah blah.........  Its tough, but we have made it through it.

You would never ever know she was behind.  She's chattering.  She's running.  She's into the infamous "NO!!"  She's climbing.  She's right on track.  She's a toddler through and though.....She's caught up.  What a crazy year she has had. 

New parents, new country, new sister, new food.  New bed, new muscles being worked.  New smells, new color of skin to look at, new house, new language.  NEW EVERYTHING.  And what a trouper she has been.  Crazy how fast this year has flown by. 

A year ago right now I was still in my crazy, wreck of a self, waiting for her visa.  Crazy.   

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