Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confession Friday(Saturday Edition)

I confess that I am watching Hannah Montana's Final myself.

I confess I have been considering purchasing a bump it.  I even saw the Wal Mart edition of the bump it.  I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, seeing if it would work.  But I didn't.  Yet.

I confess that there are black curly hairs everywhere in our house.  When guests come over, I feel compelled to tell them that Nevaeh's hair sheds everywhere!  I try to keep on top of it.  But it's everywhere. 

I confess I am crying right now over an episode of Hannah Montana.  Her horse is dying.....

I confess that I am crying even more as it goes on. 

I confess that I tried and bought some cheap hair stuff for Nev's hair.  I thought, really, as if it makes a difference.  So I bought some oil, and some other stuff.  I was wrong.  The cheap stuff sucks.  The oil doesn't soak in.  It stinks.  The cream for her hair makes her look like Jerry-Lee Lewis.  I will not be using it again.  What do you all use??


Dancin' Momma said...

Biolage Hydratherapie line is the best for buying locally. I have been using it for 10 years, I always come back and I am a product addict, I try everything, it is the best. If you are willing to order online, I have had lots of luck with Darcy's Botanicals or if nut allergies are not an issue, Carol's Daughter through Sephora is AMAZING.

What is a bump it?

ChaneyM said...

Olive oil. They make it for hair. Keep her hair in braids as much as possible. Use Pantene Relax and Natural for Women of Color Shampoo and use conditioner, too! Don't wash her hair more than once a week. email me if you want some more ideas. :) good luck.

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