Friday, December 12, 2008

Elvis was in the house!!!! I took a little more than a few hours to be grumpy about my phone call with CAFAC. I took a few days. Let me fill you in on what got me to change my "Grumpy, I want to know who my daughter is" status.....

Last night was my sister's Christmas party. My sister Penney is handicapped, and lives in a group home during the week. Every Christmas they have their annual Christmas party. I wish all of you could attend, but she only can invite 2 guests. Of course my mom goes and now that my dad is passed away, his spot goes to one of us sisters.(there are 3 of us). This year was my turn.

To start it off, as soon as I walked in the door, and I mean hardly both feet were in the door, one of the girls who really has taken a liking to me, Rosemary, spots me and runs at me and gives me a huge hug and tells me she has new shoes. And that it's the Christmas party so she needed new shoes to dance! It was a great way to start the evening. Then to open the party up, the lady who helps with activities coordinated my sisters group to shake bells to the song Jingle Bells(very appropriate I would say!). My sister loves loud noises and had a great time and laughed the whole way thru. It was a hoot.

The meal was great, then time for their Christmas bonus. Now each of us has a different mind set of what "Bonus" means, but for them it is an envelope with 5-5$bills in it. You should have seen how excited they were. One guy raised his hands in the air, as if he won a gold metal as everyone cheered for Malcolm. Then Perry got high fives from his whole row when he got his envelope. The next girl kissed her envelope and pointed to her mom. It was great. What would you do if you got an envelope of 25 dollars?

Now to the dance. To kick it off "Elvis" made his entrance. It is a man who works in another town with handicapped kids who has done an awesome job. He sings(very much like Elvis) and has 2 of the clients follow him around the floor, and they are the body guards. Then Santa made his appearance and danced with Elvis and passed out goodie bags. Then the dancing started. It was great. The highlight of the night was my dance with Malcolm. He loves to dance. He has been waiting for the Christmas dance since last year! This particular song only about 5 people were dancing and everyone was sitting around the dance floor. Malcolm started to "scan" the crowd, doing "Elvis" hip movements and had his arm outstretched and was pointing as he went around the circle. When his finger was "scanned" at me, he turns his pointed finger over and starts doing the "come here" motion and says "Come here baby!!!!!" It was so cute. So of course I danced with him and it was a hoot. The bird dance was also a big hit.

So this kicked my negative attitude to the curb! All the people there are so happy and had the best night. It shows me the true meaning of Christmas. They were overwhelmed with receiving 25 dollars as a gift. They were excited when their friends also received their gifts. They danced with everyone, not just their friends, they included all who were there. They truly believed that Elvis was at their party. What a great way to get my spirits back up.

Thanks Penney for inviting me to the Christmas Party. Too bad it's Ronda's turn next year. Oh which doesn't matter anyhow, cause when Perry found out that I might not be able to come because there wasn't enough room, he told me that he will invite me to sit at his table, cause he has an extra seat....



Rana said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing - I needed that after my phone call to CAFAC too.

I must remember to be thankful for everything we have.

Rhonda and Kristin said...

What a wonderful evening. I agree with Rana, I've been down in the dumps and than gave me a smile.

There are blessings all around us, whether we choose to see them or not is another thing.

Rana said...

Feel free to email at - we can chat about "the call"

Dad said...

I just read your story Krista. It's great. I love the way you described the party.

See you on the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smiles and memories. I helped with a party like that long ago when I was in high school and it was delightful! A teen boy in a Santa outfit was trying to bellow "ho-ho-ho" in his deepest adolescent voice. The grown men we were entertaining bellowed back with joy "HO-HO-HO!" They were SO happy in a wonderfully child-like way, oblivious to anything negative.

Keep dancing and let the joy lift your spirits again!

Merry merry Christmas!
Michal <><

BTW I came to read your blog from MckMamma's hoping to find the tattoo she mentioned but I can't find it. ~~This google thing takes my password EVERY time I try to write! I'm tired of signing up again and again so I'll be "anon."

Janice said...

That is a great story of a great night. How could it not make you feel better.

flowerlady said...

That sounds like fun!! I'm glad you had some good to outweigh the nasty call, so sorry to hear about that. Guess we won't see you until next year...have a great Christmas!

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