Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Im back again

Okay this is so how I roll. I get into something and go at it gungho, and then it fades off. Obviously this applies to my blogging as well. It has been awhile, but unfortunately there is nothing new to tell, on the adoption journey at least. We have had a busy few months here, so I guess I will blog a bit on that later.
I hope you are all still here? Let me know if you are still checking in or if I blew it by being away for so long.
Just to justify myself, my wind got taken out of my sails. Our dossier has been in Ethiopia for over a year, and I had convinced myself that we would have heard who our daughter is by now. But I can't change the system, and so I have kicked myself in the butt. What a sight that would be if I could get that in a picture! Anyhow, I am back to being excited that it is getting closer and our time will come soon to hear who our daughter is.
I am really excited to meet up with a group of girls who are also waiting to adopt from Ethiopia. I have been busy the last few times they have gotten together, but I really am hoping that I can make it work. I talk about them like they are friends....which they are....but I have never met them! So this is something I am looking forward to. They will know EXACTLY how I feel, and yeah, it will just feel good to vent to them.
I will try to pick it up and blog a little bit more, so here's to a new blogging attitude.


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

I'm still around. Stay strong. Your beautiful babe is waiting.


<> said...

I'm here too.

Love ya,


Rhonda and Kristin said...

Glad to see you're back blogging! It's coming, it is.

Barb said...

Slow to post but I am here!

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