Friday, August 14, 2009

At home with the caregivers

I was getting a massage(sigh....relaxing...actually not really cause I'm having shoulder/neck more therapeutic, but still...sigh) and near the end of it my therapist asked "How many kids do you have?"
"Two" I replied. "Two girls." (How awesome does that sound!!!!! Two girls!) Anyhow.
"Oh that's great" she replied as she was finishing up with the last few stretches. "They must be at home with a caregiver?" She then wipes off the oil and is done with the treatment.
"Yep, they are with a caregiver." Obviously there wasn't enough time to explain that they are with caregivers, just one at home, and one in Ethiopia!!!!

I am so thankful that Nevaeh is being taken care of by our agencies foster home. I know that they will give her the love and care she needs until we can get to her and start giving it to her ourselves. I'm sure she is gaining weight and starting to do the stuff a 4 month old would do. It is so hard knowing that she is going to roll over, and start to sit up by herself, and we won't be there to share it with her, but this is how it rolls when you adopt vs giving birth. You have to wait to share those firsts. (I did have someone say to me....."oh aren't you get to skip that first stage of sleepless nights, spit up, and all that baby stuff." ARE YOU KIDDING what I felt like saying. I would give anything to have Nevaeh here right now and be doing all that "baby stuff" myself. Yes....I do love my sleep, but would give that up over and over again to have Nevaeh in my arms at night soothing her back to sleep, and wouldn't mind being covered in spit up(which by the way I would be very used to....J definitely was a spitter upper!)

But for now, the caregivers in Ethiopia are doing that for me. I am so very thankful for them.
In is 9:28 am in Addis right now. They are probably getting Nev dressed for the day and giving her a bottle.....



The Hattons... said...

You may not get sleepless nights. Our son came home almost 3 years old and I went months with sleepless nights.

Rachel said...

"Two daughters" has such a nice ring to it! It'll be even sweeter when you can pull out a picture and say "these are my daughters together"... or maybe you can already if you're good at photoshop. :)

lyndsey&kevin said...

Yay, I can feel your happiness in the post, it brightens my day!!!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Ha! I roll me eyes when people say I skipped all the hard sleepless nights!

Yeah, instead we dealt with the easy stuff like attachment, her screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night because she didn't know where she was or who we were, time changes simple.

haze said...

2 daughters - yay!!

I also roll my eyes when someone says I 'get to miss' the hard part - such bunk!! And why would I want to miss any part of my baby's development? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...
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