Monday, May 24, 2010


"It's all in God's timing", that's what we have been hearing a lot of lately. I suppose it's a way of trying to comfort us, seeing that we are going crazy waiting for the visa approval. Mostly when people say that, I kinda tune out and just hear blah, blah, blah....blah, blah blah. No because I don't believe it, I just am tired.

BUT today, I am so thankful and know that God's timing is so on track. Yesterday or today was the target date that we had to travel. Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat. I slept a good chunk of yesterday. Today, my throat was way worse, and my WHOLE body is aching. My low back feels like someone kicked me. If I was on that flight from Dubai to Addis, I would not be in a good place. I am at home, where I have total access to my vitamin cupboard, my bed, my Tylenol and my muscle relaxants!!! God's timing is what I need to focus on. NOT that I don't want to be in Addis right now, but it could have had a rough few days in Ethiopia. And I want to be on my A game when I first meet Nevaeh.

So I am off to bed, with my wet socks and woolies on top, pumped up on Goldenseal, Vitamin D and much more!!! Thank you Lord for your perfect timing in this whole journey. I know you have Nev in your arms over in Ethiopia, and that you are working on healing my body too.

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Glowing Hearts said...

Hope you're on the mend and that you're visa is on its way as well!!!

Sharla said...

I hope that you feel better soon but it is nice that you were able to see a glimpse of perhaps part of the reasoning for God's timing. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Rest up chickie! That little one will have you on the run, and I can't wait for that day to come!!

Ramona said...

Oh do get well, Krista. I want that vias to come now for you guys! Your beautiful little girl needs to be held in your arms and I can't wait to see some new photos of her!

Carla said...

I love the new blog look. I guess I haven't strolled by in quite a while. Those pictures of shoes are great! So needed in on so many bare little feet. Hoping to hear of your travel news soon.

Littleone said...

hope you feel better soon!

Ramona said...

Are you better yet? Because I think it's about time for you to leave!!! Please God, help it be time!!!


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