Saturday, September 20, 2008

Collecting items for Ethiopia

I am so excited tonight. I was in the city today and came across some Canadian items for clear out prices!! Shirts for 2 dollars. Yeah for bargin stores and dollarama's. Mind you some of them are white. Probably not the best color for them, but that's okay! If anyone finds some good deals on Canada apparel(under 5$) let me know where, or buy them for me and I will pay you back. We want as much Canadian stuff as possible. A friend of mine found Frisbee's with the maple leaf. Great item. Small and flat for us to pack when we travel.

I am also so excited about the donations of the "croc" shoes. People have donated about 2 Rubbermaid tubs full. How great our family, church and friends have been in donating to our cause. I was thinking of different items to collect for when we go to Ethiopia to get our daughter. Throughout our journey I have been doing research on the stats of the poverty etc.. One thing that has such out in my mind is how far people have to walk for water. And not water that we would consider water.. Any how, I really felt that this was the main thing I wanted to focus on. Many, if not most children are walking barefoot over rough terrain. They can get infection leading to a condition called elephant foot. This is a serious condition and the infection can move up their legs and be very painful. So this I why I have committed to taking as many shoes as we can pack along with us.

What sizes, brands, colors ask! Well dollar stores are great for low prices on these "croc" shoes. I am trying to collect these type of lightweight, plastic shoes. They will be great for the children for any type of weather. Plus they will not put us over the weight limit for flying!! I can stuff small shoes in big ones, so I really can pack lots. I definitely won't turn down other shoes, we appreciate any type of donations. If you are new to my blog and want some info on donating some shoes just contact me. I also have a contact who owns a dollar store and she will give me shoes for cost if you would like to just send a toonie or two!

Well my hubby is actually home early from combining and I should go visit with him as he is watching the Rider game! Farming is a great lifestyle, but man, busy times are really, really busy!


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