Monday, September 22, 2008

How many more sleeps Mommy?

"How many more sleeps until we get baby sister" my 4, almost 5 year old says.
"Is it about 114 mom? Is that about how long...huh. Mom. Is it about 114? "
Sigh. "Yeah about 114 is about right honey."
"I'm getting really excited to be a big sister mom. I can't wait"

This is the conversation that I had with my daughter today. I wish it was only 114 sleeps. I wish I knew exactly how long it would be. More so I wish I knew who our daughter, who we already love, is. Is she born yet? Is she okay? When can I hold her? These are some of the question that I wish I knew, but I don't.

Most of the time, I am actually quite content about not knowing, because our agency gives us a pretty "accurate timeline". So I know that we are in the waiting stage. Our dossier is over in Ethiopia, and as of right now, we can't do anything. Except pray that this waiting stage goes speedy, and that we will find out soon who our daughter is. And I find much comfort in praying when I am anxious.

But sometimes I want to know too....

"How many more sleeps until we get baby sister"



Kristy said...

Aww that is so beautiful Krista! praying for you guys and so excited to meet another beautiful cousin at some point... xo Kristy L.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! We will keep you in our prayers. Kim Boersema

Anonymous said...

hey eleven!

hope you're better at this than I was!!

and now I don't have to ask you anymore...!


flowerlady said...

Hey old lady, I can say that cause we have a picture to prove that you looked like one for at least a few minutes today!! This looks great so far, I'll try and get a link to you on my site one of these days!

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