Thursday, October 2, 2008

Harvest Time

Okay harvest is officially wrapping up. Yeah. It seems that combining has taken longer than usual. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE harvest time.
I love the smell in the air, the combine rides, and especially suppers in the feilds. But it will feel nice to not plan supper around when the truck is dumping and packing up all the eating utensils (which, by the way, tonight I forgot the plates!! Thankfully I was close to a neighbour, who still doesn't know I borrowed 6 plates! I guess when she looks in her dishwasher, she will know.)

Harvest time totally reminds me of my dad. He loved harvest time. It makes me miss him, but know he is so proud of how the guys are running the farm. He taught them well.

Anyways. Harvest is over for 2008. Now on to fall work. Ahh the life of a farmer!


investing stock said...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, now we can play!!!!

I hope it was a good harvest for you guys. I know it's a hard time remembering your dad at this time...I'm sure the guys thought of him every time they used their same truck tracks to go across the field so that it wouldn't look messy...!!

But seriously, if you have more time if you want to do a girls day at the spa or Moose Jaw or here or something....


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog...never commented until now! Bad, bad me!!! But love you LOTS and am SOOOO glad you started a blog so I can keep up with YOU, too!! You are off to a great start!

flowerlady said...

So who did you steal plates from? Isn't that just a blessing of living out here, where you know you can do that?

the salsa queen!!

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