Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another way to be "Green Friendly"

On the lighter sides of things,

I have a new "tip" on how to become more Green Friendly.

This tip is to save on laundry. I've heard of turning your underwear inside out, if in a pinch. (a real big pinch in my books, but whatev.) Not even knowing it I created a 3rd rotation to get an extra day out of wearing your underwear! Early yesterday (okay early to me, 9am) the door bell rang and I was still not dressed for the day. I threw on some underwear (clean, that is), sweats and a t-shirt and ran to the door trying to look as if I didn't just get out of bed. Went on my day and had a great one at that. Notice it felt like my underwear may have been a little tight on my hips, but didn't give it much thought.

UNTIL I was getting into the bath, undressing myself, I noticed that I had my underwear rotated 90 degree's the wrong way! Or would that be 45 degrees? I would insert a picture, but......well no need for that!

There you have it. A new way to stretch your underwear wearing to 3...yes 3 days if you have to. I certainly hope I don't ever, EVER have to do that.

**Edited- Posted this and noticed on my ticker today is 18 months...... Good thing I posted this lighter sided post BEFORE I noticed it was 18 months. Sheesh.**

**well it was cheery until I saw that stupid ticker.......**


Carolyn said...

I am still laughing!!! That is a great story! I will have to remember it if money gets really tight and we need to save on water by cutting down on washing!


Rana and Yvan said...

ah ha ha ha! That is too funny...I think I have done that only I don't think I have worn them for very long..

You are too funny!

Oh and reversing underwear to wear two days in a row.....gross.....not even us....hardcore recyclists would do that :)


Lani - the flowerlady said...

Lizzy wears a set of her underwear like that all the time - apparently they fit better!! :) We can use that for a LTO question next year - you'll be a shoe-in!!

Anonymous said...

i'll leave you a private comment in your fb account...


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