Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jumping the Gun

**UPDATED--I am now not jumping the gun as we know who our baby is!!!! Yeah. Now some serious input is needed so I can get on the way of decorating.**

I think I'm jumping the gun....ok.....I KNOW I am jumping the gun, and it's probably a recipe for disaster, but I am thinking of how I want to do our daughters nursery. I know, I know, let's get a referral FIRST, then think about that. With our being a broken record, the process is going a lot slower than first thought, so I kinda need something to get me thru this waiting for a referral stage.

We are moving to a new house in about a month and the room that we will be using is a avocado green. I am thinking about accenting in brown and pink. All the walls are this green, which I love. I found this website that has a African tree. I have been googling African themed stuff and came across this. I'm wondering if it's a little over the top for a nursery, but want to try to integrate some of her culture without overdoing it. What do ya think. Honestly. Maybe simpler is better.

Maybe I should just wait until we get our referral to get crazy about nursery design. It's not like we have to travel within weeks once we get our referral, we have plenty of time. But still give me you opinion of the tree.



D Dae said...

Hey! I just posted on my blog the pics of my son's nursery. I LOVED doing it in vinyl because I can change it quickly and easily. I used a great Canadian company that does custom work, anything you want. I had my son's name done in Amharic and English, plus dots to help make the room more fun. If you want more information on the company let me know, it will likely be a lot cheaper than going with an American company and having to pay duty when it comes over the border.

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Carolyn said...

I love that color scheme and I love the tree decal. I have seen it before and have considered it for Nathan's room. Make sure you post pictures as you decorate!


Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Can't go wrong with those colors, cuz that's what Eden's room is done in, hee, hee!!!!

We painted our tree...decals would have been sooooo much easier though!

Can't wait to see it when it's done...pre or post referral, whatever floats your boat!

Lena said...

i think looks awesome! it's totally not over the top, go for it! i would just say to leave the rest of the walls very simple- so that the tree is the main focal point. I would love to see pics when you are finished :)

Anonymous said...




Lee said...

I love the tree - and if the rest of the nursery is simple I think it will be a gorgeous focal point....
Great color scheme.

sarah t said...

I love the tree! You should absolutley do it. I've been scoping out Etsy for other decals for our little one's room, too. Do you have any more idea of when you might get your referral? What is your DTE?

Lani - the flowerlady said...

Hey, haven't been over in ....well awhile. here you are posting away!! I like the tree and you know I like green and brown. You could just get some of your artistic friends to paint the tree on your wall and it wouldn't cost you anything cause I'm guessing your mom has some left over paint from the great browns in her house!

Gogi said...

Definitely not over the top.

I love the tree. Not sure how you intend to incorporate the pink but that would be more feminine.

I also like avocado green, yellow and brown.

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