Thursday, September 17, 2009

Any 5 month old babies in the house??!!

Nevaeh was 5 months old yesterday!

With J, I wasn't great at keeping a daily journal of her milestones. Oh, I would write down big ones, like first tooth, crawling, walking, things like that, but not the everyday little things.

So I need your help here. Anyone with a baby that is around the 5 month old mark, what are they up to? I know each babe is different, but I just want a bit of an idea of what Nev may be up to over in Ethiopia. I totally forget what J was doing at this stage! (All my sentimental things are packed, so I don't even have any reference to pull from!) Are they rolling over, laughing, things like that. I want to try to get to know Nev, even though we're not with her in person.

Thanks guys, I know you will pull thru for me here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lawson Family,
We are so excited to meet your new sweetie one day! Well Krista I keep a detailed journal on both my kids and Mackenzie is 7 mths old now but when she was 5 months old she rolled over, started to really recognize faces and play strange in the worst way. This playing strange I was told is a "Developmental Milestone" and a very healthy sign. She also started to sit in her high chair and started to eat her rice cereal at 5 1/2 mths. She liked eating her cereal so much that she figured out how to do a new trick where she blew her lips together and spit it all over whomever was feeding her at the time. This created a whole lot of giggles from her and all of us. It was very messy but the cutest thing we have seen her do yet!
Mackenzie is so happy she has a classmate now in Beechy and we look forward to seeing her soon:-)
Congrats again you guys,
Love the Walsh Family

Ian said...


It's a great question. Wish I could give you an answer.... but I have trouble for 2 reasons. It was a long time ago AND I was the Dad. I sure hope we don't have to wait too long. I'm so looking forward to holding Nevaeh in my arms. Praying for you and for her.

Ramona said...

Oh Krista- wouldn't it be marvelous to get an update today?? (K told me they are coming out in about 10 days). Enjoy dreaming about her and guessing what she's doing. I can't wait until she's home and we all get to see what she's learning when you post it on here!

Bobby and Diana said...

Hey Krista,

I don't have a 5 month old in the house but I do remember with Karis that at 5 months is when we really started to see her personality show. That was a fun time to get to know who they are. She was also starting to sit up at that time.

Pineapple Princess said...

I know how you feel! Our daughter was in an orphanage at five months old. I wanted to see what she was up to so bad! These angels are sooo worth the wait!!

Love your gorgeous blog!! :)
Have a fab weekend!

Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, I'm a new follower of your blog. Yea for me!!

Amy said...

Hey, I just found your blog. Congrats on the little girl. baby center has a great update week by week basis of how babys are developing
You can submit your babys birthday and every week they send you something about what they should be up to.


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

At around 5 months (according to my pathetically detailed journal) Sara rolled over from back to front at around 4.5 months and was touching, grasping, and eating her feet at 5 months.


PS. Thanks...I always like going back and reading about my baby Sara.

Ashley said...

My daughter Emma will be 5 months on October 1st. Right now she LOVES to chew on anything she can get into her mouth, especially someone else' fingers. She has discovered her toes, and began rolling from her back to front yesterday! She's getting really good at grasping for things and bringing her hands together in front of her. She's also starting to develop some stranger anxiety. She definitely knows who's familiar to her and who isn't. She is becoming very attached to me and cries whenever I leave the room. She is also starting to be able to entertain herself in her excersaucer and jumperoo. I hope this helps you feel closer to Nevaeh!


Bellismom said...

Thanks for following Belli's story and entering the contest. Good luck!

Jaime Germann said...

Both my kids were different... Peyton was sitting up by 5 but Rayna still needed the bumbo chair. I remember going to the kitchen to get something and coming out with Peyton face first on the floor whining. He was sitting up with the feeding pillow behind him and he was reaching for a toy and well went forward... he usually went backwards... He was a very rolly polly boy... 22 or so pounds at 5 months so he really didn't like being on his belly because he couldn't really do to much.
One of the only things I remember about Rayna's 5 months was the fact that I had lost my milk(because I was on birth control) and feeling very much like I was not a very good mom. It didn't take me more than 2 or 3 days to be very full again and Rayna was a different baby after that.
Great blog look forward to reading more.

Evelyn said...

So when is your baby's b-day? My little K was born "4-15-09." They are the same age! Hope you get a quick court date!

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