Thursday, October 22, 2009


It has been too long.

Sorry guys, it has just been a crazy month or so with unpacking, school for J, trying to finish harvest, our fundraiser garage sale....and the list goes on.

And speaking about our fundraiser it went GREAT. We had a whole bunch of stuff for sale, and hosted a soup and bun lunch. All pricing was on donation basis, so not a lot of time had to be spent on pricing things. That was so nice to not have to do that. We raised around 1400$ and that money will be used for when we go to Ethiopia, hopefully for the orphanage that Nevaeh was found in. A huge shout out to everyone from my home town who came and supported it. Lots of people really embraced it, I even had some who just sent me a cheque in the mail because they couldn't make it. AND they are still filtering in!! What a great community we live in.

On the adoption front, no court date yet. Getting a bit antsy, but nothing I can do on our part will make the date come sooner, so just trying to chilllax. Trust me, I will post as soon as we get a date. On the upside some friends are getting referrals, Lyndsey and Kevin, and another friend but she hasn't posted it yet, so I will keep it on the down low, I want to let her post the proud news first, so congrats to you guy. I know the feeling of getting the call and am so happy for you guys.

**update-Steph has now posted, so you can head on over there and congrats her and Lynds...**

***updated-update!! Hazel posted that she passed court...1st time!!! She is officially a mom. What a good day in the adoption circle!!***

I also had the chance to have a weekend away and do scrap booking in Watrous. It was so great. I got 38ish pages done and even got some sleep in days, oh, it was fun. I have to get my butt in gear and get going so I can be caught up on J's albums before I have 2 that I have to scrapbook for.

That's it for now, hopefully sooner than later I will post again!!

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Ara said...

My husband is from Watrous, and I am from a town near there. Neat to see a familiar town on a blog of a person I don't know. I game to your blog through Mckmama a while ago! So exciting that you are adopting! Can't wait to follow with you on your Journey! Our God is an awesome God!! Wishing you many blessings on this journey!

Janice said...

It is so great to hear about more referrals. One day it will be our turn.

Ramona said...

How on earth do you get that many pages done???? Please come help me!! I have a lot to do before heading off to Ethiopia to bring my 2 babies home!!!

I hope you hear about court soon.

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Oh good, you are still alive! Was wondering what was happening!

Awesome about your fundraiser, that is wonderful. And LOVE hearing good referral/court news. I'm sure your court date and Rana's is on its way!

hazel said...

Thank you!!

Your court date is coming soon. An early July family has now rec'd an early Nov date so you're next (with Rana!).

And great job on the fundraiser!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! I'm stalking your blog(and Rana's) for your court dates.

Steph :-)
who is still on her referral high!!

Rachel said...

Congrats on such a successful fundraiser! Crossing my fingers for news of a court date soon. Hang in there!

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

Found your blog from McMama's BlogFrog. My boys are adopted from the states but lots of their buddies here in our small town are from Africa and look just like them. It's fun to see how many mixed up crazy families we see now! Your baby girl will be here soon ... the wait goes SO slowly.


Sharla said...

So glad that the garage sale was such a success!

I hope you hear of a court date soon.

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