Friday, November 6, 2009

Still waiting......

I feel like I could just resubmit this post, and call it good. Back to the impatient feeling of wondering WHEN, WHEN, WHEN are we going to get a court date.

I thought that once you finally receive your referral and find out who your child is, the hard part of waiting is over. I WAS WRONG!!! At first it wasn't too bad, after we found out who Nevaeh is, we were still on the high. We'd look at her photo, and talk about her. THEN, our friends sent us video footage of her.

She moves. She blinks. She coo's. She chews her hands. She breathes.

After seeing that, I have started to slowly, but surely start to go a bit loonie. I have forgotten things, put things in wrong places, you name it, I may have done it. The video made her so much more real. It probably sounds so silly, of course she is real, but all I saw was 3 pictures of her. She never moved or blinked, or took a BREATH.

So I have concluded that the post referral wait is a different type of hard. Pre referral its a depressing wait. Post referral, it's an agonizing wait.

But the wait will be so worth it.

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Ramona said...

Krista, you are not alone in your agonizing wait... and the only thing I can think of that will ease it is to be stepping OFF the plane in Canada with your daughter in your arms. The day is coming... And I too wish it was now...

Evelyn said...


Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

I know it's a bummer. You just think yep, it's smooth sailing right after referral and it is, till court, the till medicals, then till visa, then till travel, then till gotcha day, then till you're home.

then nothing. It's done, you're home. YAY!

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

This better be the week! Enough is enough....praying really hard for you and Rana and the others who have waited too long for a court date!

Steph :-)

Rana and Yvan said...


That is how I feel about post-referral wait ;)

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