Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession Friday

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I confess that this will be short and sweet cause I am in a hotel on my iPad in the dark as the kiddos are sleeping

I confess I used the word boyfriend when telling Nev we were going to see Ade and company tomorrow! I wonder if they recognize each other??? Almost a year in the same room??? Who knows! But regardless it will be great fun.

I confess that I am going to San Fran next week with my best bud and am sooooo excited! Sleep in and eat a meal with out interruption! Booyah!

I confess it's a bit pathetic when you have 5days to yourself and you are excited to sleep in and eat in peace!! Gone are the days of being excited to club it up and shop til you drop!

I confess that there will be some shopping in there too, but main thing is relax

I confess I just bought my 7year old a pair of skinny jeans. Yes I did. She really wanted them and she has been in a phase of sweat pants so for her to ask to wear jeans is nice!

I confess I am ready for J's hockey to be done. It's a long season and I am tired of rink burgers

I confess I have the best hubby's ever for letting me take off without him, and taking care of the kiddos while we wine taste, shop, and sleep!

I confess I looked on expedia to see if there is a shorter flight to Ethiopia than what we took!

Until next week!


Brendan and Mary said...

Sleep is a wonderful thing and way too often underrated. Have an awesome time with your friend!

The Turgeon Expansion said...

Have a great trip that sounds ahhhh...yep, I'm jealous!!!

Sharla said...

Hope the weekend is great!

San Fran has great food and it is warmer there, so that will be a wonderful break for you. I'm happy that you have that to look forward to.

Can't wait to hear if the two babes seemed comfortable with each other!

Ranavan said...

Oh have the best trip ever!!! San Fran will be so fun!

So sorry it didn't work out this weekend!

Ramona said...

Oh to have time to oneself!!! I just gave up my big break I was going to take this summer (being gone form the whole fam (even Linc) 3.5 weeks was a bit extreme for now)and right now I'm really wanting a break....
And my poor 10 year old can't find skinny jeans that are in anyway skinny on her long legs- her size 12 are getting too short and there's that spare tire effect from the waist being bunched so much with all jeans we try on her...

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