Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog or Blahhhhhh.

Yeah.  Blah I'd say is how to sum up my blog lately.  BLAH!!!!!!!!!
It has been going good here on the Lawson front.  Things are feeling more and more "right" each day with bonding.(I know that was not proper English, but that's I can explain it!.)  Nev is doing well, has been healthy, and I would say feels secure at home.  

Chillin like a villan
Getting ready to go to church

Okay....since you asked, here are a few snap of her....

She has though, started to be a pill in public.  If anyone even looks her way, she frEAKs  out.  And forget me trying to put her down to save my aching shoulders.  So maybe the sling will have to come back out, for my back and shoulders health.  Sooooo, what do you do?  Just cater to this, and be glad that she is attached to us, and not wanting anyone else on the earth to look her way, or do you slowly try to put her down.  Any suggestions.  I am really open to any and all suggestions.  
Walter the worm also seems to be gone!!!  Yeah.  No, make that a double YEAH!!!.  I don't want to get too excited, but am very hopeful. Its been a long go at fighting all the different parasites she had.  We tried everything.  Finally after a letter from the specialist to Health Canada requesting a certain drug not allowed in Canada, it seems to have worked.  I could post a picture of Walter on here for you all to see, (the Dr's were so interested because none of them had ever seen it, that they asked me to photograph it and put it on a CD , and give written permission that they could use it in teaching schools), but I figured you would just rather another picture of Nevaeh instead!  (Although I know some of you are thinking....ohhhhh, what did it look like!!  I know I would be!  But I'm crazy like that, very interested in that type of stuff...just not when it's on my own daughter!!!!)
So I will leave you with the ONE and ONLY photo of us as a family.


Stephanie said...

Nice to see you posting again!! Great family pic and I'm glad the worm is gone!(yucky)

Steph :-)

lyndsey&kevin said...

Yup I wanna see the worm,,,, you know I do!!

Where ever that pic was taken has a nice liquor stash... Imma common over chick!!

Missed you at our dinner in sk'toon....

hugs L

Ramona said...

keep posting! Love the photos of your girls and your whole family. As for the worm, I'm fine with passing on viewing the photo since I've seen enough over here and online (and the paths from worms like Walter on our kids). But if you want, I can send you some photos of critters to view too... I was hoping to have a parasite free family at one year home but not so...

Anonymous said...

When my son when through that stage (and it lasted for a year!), he would start shrieking and spitting... yes spitting, at people. Shopping was a nightmare. I honestly believe it is fear based and the child needs reassurance (for my little non-verbal dude this meant physical cuddles and holding). I would also just move him farther away from people or put myself between them. It is hard, but this is a good sign of attachment if she wants you to take her away from these people. I will also say that for a long time we avoided anywhere that had a lot of people. Crowds were just not worth the stress to him and us.

Anonymous said...

So glad Walter's ass got kicked to the curb!!! And that is a great pic, you should do it more often!

Jenn :) said...

Very nice :) I love to read other adoptive parents blogs :)

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