Friday, January 28, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I in fact DID NOT have eczema last week, but I had self induced burning of the skin!  I used Lavender essential oil on my stomach, and I guess when they say to dilute it....they mean dilute it.  I indeed burnt my own skin.  Yes...yes I did.

I confess I am obsessed with filing my heals down.  At the rate I am going I will be down to bone soon.!  I just hate rough heels and feet.  And I do confess that what spurred this obsession is way back when my hubby was giving me a foot rub and said..."hmmmm, your heels remind me of my mom's...all rough and dry.."
Ever since I have become addicted. name is Krista.  And I am addicted to smooth feet.

I confess that I also have a hang up about dirty snow.  I do not like the way it looks.  I even go to the extent of when I shovel off our driveway, I will cover up the dirty, salty snow that has come off my vehicle with nice white snow.  I love the look of white snow.

I do confess that I am soooo excited for a fellow adoptive mom who just received amazing news, and I am so happy for them!  They have had a bad few months, and now....its over.

I confess that I waste baby wipes.  No folding over for me.  I know it's a waste, but when you have dealt with parasitic pooh for as long as we just wipe and get a new one.  I feel bad about this, as with Jay, I even went to the extent of cutting my wipes in half.

I confess I am super excited for tomorrow at 11am!!!

I confess that I had an uhhhhuh moment while watching TLC's Hoarders.  One of the hoarders children broke down and said, "How do you think it has made me feel...all these years when you just come home and head straight for the computer...and dont' even care to see how my day was .......etc."  It really made me think about keeping computer time for the evening, and spending quality time with my kids.  Not that I am that extreme..but it just made me think.  It had a lasting impact on this boy.  His mom seeming not to care, that the computer and TV was more important than him.  Which leads me to.......

I confess on the radio I heard that they say if you spend more than 1 hour a day on facebook, you are not happy in your life.  I confess that too made me wonder......sooooo if facebook is just left on during the day, and you just check it when you walk by, or when you hear the dliing, of facebook chat going off, does that count?  But then really....why does it have to be on.  Am I not happy in life?  Should I quit reading blogs and online shopping cause that will equal more than an hour..........hmmmmm. ( I think not, but I do think that I am reflecting and doing some serious cut back in computer time...)

I confess I feel like our adoption is now complete that Rana and Yvan have their son Ade.  I know, that may sound weird, but it has been over my head that we received our referral one day apart, and Ade was still there with out his mama and papa.  I held him, and kissed him for his mama....and after holding him, my heart just had an ache for him, his mom and his dad, because of all the delays.  But he is with his family now.  I feel so happy for them all....

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Anonymous said...

So excited to see you tomorrow!! And hello, we were just talking about Hoarders at work...and hello, have you seen Strange Addictions, crazy???

Ummm, and wipes they are meant to be used girl! I waste so many, I really don't care!

lyndsey&kevin said...

Great confessions... I have to get started on mine!


lyndsey&kevin said...

Ummmmm YEAH that would be GREAT if you wanted to come... I have no idea where or when yet as I let Rana decide. I arrive friday at 5pm and I leave sunday at 3pm.


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