Friday, January 7, 2011

I've heard these a time or two!

So here is a video that is a bit over the top, but some of the questions are bang on. I don't answer like some of these, but in my head this MAY be what I am thinking! Don't take offense if you have asked me some of these questions, it just gets a little bit repetitious. Some are questions that I won't answer. Like her past story, where her mother is, ect. But if you are really lucky, I MIGHT let you touch her hair!

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Anonymous said...

What a quizzical little look on her face!! Hope to be able to "meet ya" in person at Ade's homecoming!

Carla said...

That was good! I've met with a lot of those types of questions or comments as a foster/adopt parent! Sometimes I get a kick out of em. Sometimes they aggravate me. Sometimes I just let them wonder and look confused. :)
Nev is precious! Her hair does look very tempting...

Jaime Germann said...

I can't imagine Krista. She is a beautiful little girl and has a great family. The one thing I have learned over time is life is two short and people concern themselves with too much of what other people are doing. Sometimes you would just like to shake some sense into people but of course you can't. It sounds as though you are blessed and have great family and friends.

Lena said...

I am not looking forward to that part of adoption. That is so accurate as to how people are, it's so sad.
Your little girl is so cute- i could just pinch those cheeks :)

Connie said...

Wow, yeah that video is a little over the top as a whole, but if you pick it apart, sadly, adoptive families have to hear many of those comments far too often. It just gets very tiresome. I love the part where she pokes her fingers up into the air. That just made me laugh.

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