Saturday, January 22, 2011

Confession Friday

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 I confess that I cannot get this signature at the bottom of the post like it is suppose to......!!!  What's going on.

 I confess that I have a major flare up of eczema.....I am itching and itching, I am going crazy............

I confess that I am really missing going on a hot vacation this winter!

I confess that I am going to Jay's hockey game tomorrow, and she is really excited when Nevaeh and I come to the games.  I confess though, that I don't actually get to see more than a few shifts of her playing, as I am totally consumed by Nevaeh at the rink! But she thinks we watch the whole game.

I confess I am excited to get a new puppy soon, but hate how attached I get to animals.  I am nervous as our last puppy had a bad out come when she was getting spayed, and it was very hard to lose her. I hope our next dog is with us for a long time....

I confess that I do as  well hate word verifications on my removed it awhile ago, but have now put it back on as I was getting crazy spam.  So sorry Lynds (wink) its back on!

I confess that I am addicted to a few show, like Greys Anatomy, and it irritates me how they do 2 or so new episodes, and then back to reruns....don't they know I look forward to that show and count down the days until Thurs?  Oh and I am addicted to Modern Family....Private Practice.....Celebrity Rehab......90210...and this one I am opening up myself to a bunch of flogging....but I do also watch Degassi, the next Generation.  I know.  BUT I am not addicted..i just have it PVR' I watch when it shows up on the pvr.  But since it's PVR'd....i suppose that means it's close to being an addiction...hmmmmmm.

Since my signature Cheers is still at the top,


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lyndsey&kevin said...

GO private and then you don't get spam!!!! I H-A-T-E the word verifications!!!!!!!!!!!

I confess I love how many people are confessing now... it is so much fun to do and read

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