Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Being a mom sometimes a hard thing.....

Being a mom is sometimes a hard thing. When your child comes home from school and tells you that the girls in her class walked by her when she was by herself at recess, and stick their tongues out at her and tell her that they are cool, and she is not......your heart breaks. You want to go walk by those girls and tell them that they in fact are the ones who are not cool. Being a mom you have to tell your daughter whose heart is sad, that it's okay, and not to worry about what others think about you, when you really want to say, "those brats...who do they think they are." I mean really how can you not think that this girl is not cool. She is so cool. Of course I know that next Kindergarden day it will all be forgotten and things will be fine. In fact, by tomorrow morning she will have forgotten and she will want me to phone those girls and see if any of them can play at our house. It's me who has a hard time letting it go. When someone hurts the ones you love, it's hard to forgive. What I will learn from this though, is I need to have forgiveness like a child. They let things go, and will be friends again the next time they see each other. But tonight, it's tough to be a mom. The little one I love so much has a broken heart, because she thinks she isn't cool.

Seriously how can you not think that J is not the coolest little girl you have ever seen......



Julie Tanady said...

it's hard being a mom,
if we survive one problem, another one is coming, but the way we solve it is unforgotable, is that right?

funny that kids nowadays like coolness, and it comes from inside, not outside

kids are still learning, and soon they will know what truly "cool" is
keep teaching and supporting them whatever they do

yeah, perhaps kids could easily forget the problems, and we can't
but just think it like this, there're a lot of things we should remember. In fact, we truly know who is the best, that's our KIDS
it's a precious gift

Great day!

Julie Tanady

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Anonymous said...

I definitely think she is! I am so sorry for the sadness you (and J) experienced. And how sometimes it can even be harder on us moms!

And I do think you J looks a lot like my M, don't you?

Love ya!

haze said...

She is cool! Kids can be so heartless, but you're right - their power to forgive is something we as adults would do well to retain.

Ramona said...

Oh my but this hurts to read. My daughter has also been the target of several bullies... one was one of my best friend's daughters... It hurts to see your kids hurt. It makes me want to prove something to those kids and their parents... which just repeats the bullying... And it reaches deep inside me and brings out my memories of my childhood... which I want to protect my kids from..

But to teach them that they are special, unique and loved and that you are their biggest fan- no matter what... To empower them with confidence and words to say or strength to know it's ok to walk away, even if it leaves you alone for that recess... Your daughter is so beautiful and looks like such a fun girl.

Feel free to email me if you want some of the ideas we have been using with our daughter and some books that have really helped empower her.

My heart goes out to you!

Kim said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!! Isn't it funny how you relive it all when you have kids?! It is almost like YOU are back in kindergarten and you so know how you would handle it this time around?!

Michelle said...

My baby is 10 and she gets "fat girl comments" and it breaks my heart. I just hug her! We talk a lot about how hurtful those comments are. I think girls are a lot meaner then boys. By the way your little girl is ADORABLE!!

Laura said...

Hey there...found your blog through MckMama's and I wanted to get in touch with you. I have a daughter we adopted from Ethiopia just over 2 years ago. I am truly, truly praying for your family. Your daughter is a beautiful girl, by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

well..I think we both know she's cooler than me...seriously..

love you friend...

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