Friday, June 19, 2009

Can I get a Holla

Tonight I am solo. My hubby is at a farm show and is away for the night. Sleeping solo makes me think about a lot of things. We spent a lot of time apart in our first years of marriage, due to work, but lately we don't spend a whole lot of time apart any more. Yes some nights when farming is in full swing, we don't spend a lot of actual time together, but not the less, he at least rolls in for a couple hours! It's making me appreciate how much I love spending time with my dear hubby.

I am so thankful at how supportive he is in every aspect of our lives, especially during this adoption process. He is such a rock and balances out my ups and downs. Mostly the downs. We have crazy laughs over stuff that others would think is really dorky, have good talks about things that are going on for us and just really know each other well. I could never get through life with out him by my side. He really deserves a "Holla". I don't express it much, but he is so amazing.

I also think that there are many others who don't always get a "Holla" when they deserve them. So I'm giving some shout outs to some other "peeps" who mean so much to me. My family is so great, both my side of the fam. Actually they all are my family because I feel so close to his side, they just feel like my side. (did that make sense??!!) My friends are pretty darn cool too, cause I can talk to them about all this stuff, and even though they don't know how it feels to go through it all, they do a darn good job at making me feel better. Especially my posse crew. I think I'd go insane if I didn't have my best peep, 11:11. She totally gets me. Seriously, she deserves a "Word to Big Bird" shout out because when a girl finds a friend who is such a kindred spirit(yes had to get some Anne of Green Gables lingo in there), you truly are blessed. I mean if you are committed to do this(picture on right) you know you have a good friendship! What are we doing you might ask....well I didn't have a finished picture, but that is me with the tattoo on my foot of eleven stars, and her with the word eleven on the back of her neck.

I also really have found so much comfort in my blogging "friends." You guys totally get a major "holla" because you truly get how I'm feeling, and you are right there offering encouragement, or even just saying you know how it feels. It means a lot. I would never of thought that I would get so excited for someone else to get good news of a referral, when I haven't even talked to most of you. I feel the pain that you guys are feeling, and truly am disappointed and hurt for you guys too. We all know exactly what it feels like. Yeah we are all in different time frames, but we all get it.

I guess I just wanted to take this time to say thanks to all of you who are in my life and are helping support through our adoption journey. I am not an overly emotional person, and probably don't say thanks often enough. You guys all have a significant role in my life, and you deserve a shout out.

Can I get a HOLLA. Holla back.



Rana and Yvan said...


Anonymous said...

!!!!!!!!!!!H O L L A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

word to big bird

love you

Eileen said...


Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

I'm late but I will still HOLLA!

With a high-5 added in for extra snazziness!

Natalie and Chris said...

Holla to you as well. It's appreciated from this end as well.

PS. Steph and I watched the Proposal this past weekend and it was great. Have a fun night with Rana.

Stephanie said...

Right back at ya!!! Couldn't get through this without my friends from blogland!!

Steph :-)

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